12 More Tips to Look Classy Without Spending Above Your Budget

Before I give you the tips, i know  you might be thinking this is superficial, old school, or just being flashy. I’m sharing these tips to help you look your best when the occasion calls for it. There are certain situations when you have to look your absolute best. I don’t mean wearing a suit or a formal. I want to share tips on how to wear a casual or day-to-day dress and still look good.

Think about meeting an important person, perhaps a potential investor or boss, or how about going to the bank to get a house loan approved? Surely you don’t want to look like you can’t afford the house. Or maybe you’re getting interviewed on TV and you need to look decent. Perhaps you are meeting the future in-laws for the first time
and want to give a good first impression. Or just maybe, you love luxury items but can’t afford them at the moment. Who says you can’t get that look for less? So how can you look elegant and classy without breaking the bank? Below are my tips.

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Tips to Look Classy Without Spending Above Your Budget

1. Quality of fabric is important. Certain fabrics can look cheap. Silk and cashmere are always great options, but can be on the expensive side. So if that’s not possible, go with cotton. There’s something about 100% cotton that makes the clothing not just comfortable, but also looking good.

2. Go with neutrals. Black and white are always great neutral pieces to wear. But if you want to add color, think tan, caramel, tape, gray, pastel/blush colors, forest green, and navy blue. There’s something about these colors that look so elegant. Monochromatic looks also always look so classy. Think white on white, or an all black look. Also, white jeans with light-colored tops always look so elegant.

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3. Iron your clothes, avoid wrinkled clothing. So make sure to iron your clothes to make that outfit look fab. Do that regularly to aid you look good.

4. Go with neutral accessories. Again, keep your accessories like bags and shoes neutral.  Not only will they match a lot, if not most, of your wardrobe, they look classy than printed ones.

5. Invest on accessories. If you have to choose which piece to spend on, invest on accessories like a nice hand bag or shoes. This Gucci bag is a great entry-level designer bag because it’s under $1k! But if budget doesn’t permit, a designer belt, scarf, sunglasses, or costume jewelry are great alternatives that are more affordable or attainable.
Wear a $20-top and $20 – jeans with a designer belt or scarf, and you will look like you paid more for the whole outfit.

6. Opt for refined/delicate jewelry. Even if it’s just costume jewelry, opt for sleeker pieces instead of chunkier ones. If you love to layer, go with thinner bangles and bracelets. Same goes with necklaces. If you absolutely love statement pieces, then go with statement earrings instead.

7. Wear oversized sunglasses. You know how celebrities hide behind their over sized Sunnis? Get that “celebrity-hiding-from-the-paparazzi” look by wearing over sized sunglasses too. If you have a small face, just wear something a little bigger than your usual to get that effect. I know this sounds funny but clearly there’s something about big sunglasses that look so chic.

8. Keep nails clean. If you don’t have the time or budget to do regular manicure and medicare, just make sure they are trimmed/even, clean, and moisturizer. They don’t have to be polished all the time. Just make them presentable.

9.Well-kept mane. You don’t have to style your hair all the time. But just make sure they look clean, fresh, and healthy. If split-ends are starting to show up, get a trim. Dry scalp? Make sure to use the right hair products or do an at-home treatment. You can find really good hair masks and oils at the drugstore. But good ‘ole coconut oil can do
the trick. Massage into your scalp and let it sit for an hour before you rinse and wash your hair.

10. Spitz on perfume. In my humble opinion, smelling good is part of the whole look. You don’t have to buy an expensive perfume. Just wear a scent that smells clean or fresh, and you’re good to go.

11. Posture/looking confident is important. Finally, all of these tips won’t do you good if your posture is bad or if you look insecure or awkward. Stand tall and look confident. It makes a whole lot of difference!

12. Stay away from prints. While I love wearing prints from time to time, prints can get too loud and busy. There are certain prints that look refined and elegant – like stripes and polka dots – but plain fabric is best for keeping an elegant look.

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