5 Common Ways to Become More Elegant: Tips for Men and Ladies

A lot of ladies and gentlemen tends to cultivate beauty in other to grab physical attractiveness. Most single individual lost the battle against elegance which I’m going to address today in this post, all you need do is to follow me gradually as I discuss five common ways to become more elegance.

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5 Common Ways to Become More Elegant

1. Be self-aware; In my early twenties, the idea of elegance was still quite far out of reach (and not just because I shopped  mostly at Forever Elegance comes with self-awareness: Your likes and dislikes, your taste, passions, your signature style, even the knowledge of your own body. (For example, I’ve just learned in the past few years that my right hip is more open than my left–a small detail, but details matter.)With self-awareness, your choices, from your style to personal life to career, become simpler and more confident – and what’s more elegant than confidence? Self-knowledge also lets you love yourself more fully another elegant quality.

2. But be kind; Just because you have no fear of saying no, doesn’t mean you don’t act out of kindness. Good style means nothing if you don’t have sincerity not just charm – school etiquette, but a genuine wish to be kind. It means answering emails and calls even if you get nothing out of it, actually listening to someone, being respectful whether someone is rich or poor or old or young. Contrary to misconception, an elegant person is the opposite of snobbish.

3. Make self-care a part of your deal.I’m not a picky eater–but once, my dad told me that people will pay attention to how carefully I feed my body, and give me the same levelof treatment, too. This doesn’t mean you have to become high maintenance, but I think it serves a point: that the way you take care of yourself will send out a signal to others. Nourish yourself with healthy, delicious and happily prepared foods and make exercise your daily priority. Make your personal time a non-negotiable (even if you have small children!). Invest in things that make you feel good, whether it’s nice sheets, beautiful lingerie, night cream, or season tickets to the ballet.

4. Find your personal style. Elegance is about looking exactly like yourself no matter what you are wearing. Whatever your signature style, stick with it –I always find that nothing is more memorable than someone who can make a silhouette,
a color, texture, a haircut, or an item of clothing her very own. Experimenting with accessories is fine as long as everything still looks natural, effortless, and un-fussy. (Alas, this means no head bands for me – but I can wear as many rings as I like!!). Once you find that, resist the urge to branch out into different colors, cuts, and patterns – get used to looking like your best, most confident self all the time!

5. Walk with confidence. I firmly believe that how you walk can make you look like the most beautiful person, no matter what you’re wearing. To walk elegantly, keep your chin slightly lifted, head over your shoulders (not forward), shoulders open and resting down, chest open; core engaged; step lightly and confidently, straightening your knees, like you have
mile-long legs (it helps if you have your best stilettos on!). Bonus points if you can maintain a slight “spring” in your steps while wearing heels.

So these are some proven ways to become more elegant.

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