20 Amazing Facts to Look Like an Italian Classy Chic

Do you want to look classy and cultured like a world-class 22nd century Chic? Of course yes. Many ladies love to appear classy to fit in to the latest trend and grab some attentions. But to sustain a good relationship you need to cultivate and exhibit some good conducts. Lets talk about amazing facts to look like an Italian ladies,

Below are Cool Ways to Become a Classy Chic in Italy;

1. Go for Classic top Designer wears: get fabrics that suit your lifestyle and career. Though the amount you purchase your apparels doesn’t really matter. The very costly clothes may even unfit you than the inexpensive once. So go for the once that will suit with your budget and not once that will break your bank. Purchase cashmere and silk apparels and less cotton.

2. Use Jewelry Repeatedly: Don’t save your jewelry for special occasions. Wear your diamonds, your pearls, your chunky necklaces on regular intervals to celebrate the fact that it is a random Tuesday. And it makes you gain more esteem as they are not use seldom.

3. Have Pleasant Posture: A great posture gives any woman class, elegance and a slimmer look. How do you feel when you see a bad posture? Unpleasant and  disgusting, right? So cultivate good posture, and also try to tame yourself if you have bad posture.

4. Leaving things to the imagination is more elegant than putting it all out there. Think backless dresses rather than low-cut dresses.

5. Show perfect grooming: There is no excuse for imperfect grooming, never.

6. Nails (hands): The most elegant nail length is short; the most elegant shape is a slightly square oval; the most elegant nail polish color for hands is clear; and there is nothing French about a “French manicure” (to be avoided at all costs, along with anything fake).

7. Feet: pedicures are a must year round, not just when toes come out in the summer; all colors work.

8. Groomed eyebrows make any face look more elegant; overly-groomed
eyebrows will age you.

9. Exhibit Good Manners: Perfect manners are the most elegant accessory
any woman can have.

10. You always look more elegant holding a champagne glass than either a wine glass, a beer mug or a shot glass.

11. You never look elegant smoking (no matter how costly the puff may cost).

12. You never sound elegant and matured swearing.

13. Drink water. Lots of it. You need water to keep your body hydrated. Drinking enough water prevents dehydration.

14. It’s very hard to look elegant in cheap fabrics. It is much easier to look (and feel) elegant in fabrics such as linen or cashmere.

15. It’s very hard to look elegant in any outfit if it doesn’t fit; fit is everything; find (and be kind to) a seamstress you love.

16. Elegance is not about trendy outfits; it’s about finding styles, shapes, fabrics and colors that work for you and sticking to those.

17. If you find the perfect pair of pants, buy it in multiples.

18. If you find the perfect pair of heels, get it double.

19. On the shoe note, don’t use shoes that need polishing. (The same grooming rule that applies to your person applies to your shoes apparently.)

20. Put up appealing smile: A mysterious smile gives any woman elegance and sex appeal.

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